Why is the tax-industry a great business to work in?    

Many individuals love working in tax preparation because of its flexibility.  Most electronic tax preparation firms complete the majority of their income tax business in 12-13 weeks in between mid-January and mid April.  This leaves the summer for other business ventures and lots of vacations!

If tax season only last about four months, what do your contractors do the other eight months of the year?

Almost anything you want. That’s the great thing about being an authorized Lusk Tax Service LLC contractor!  You can work another job to make extra money or just spend more time with your family, especially during summer vacation.  The choice is yours!

Some contractors will choose to invest their time in opening additional tax sites to build a larger stream of income.

How soon can I open my tax business if I choose Lusk Tax Service LLC?

If you are seriously interested in starting your own tax preparation business you should contact us as soon as possible to ensure there  is significant time for planning and preparation to open your tax business. Typically you will need to have signed a W-9 Form by early December in order to be ready for the tax season.  We encourage potential business owners (contractors) to take advantage of time- and start early. Our experience has shown that our most successful contractors are the ones who begin working on their business well before tax season opens.

Do I need any prior tax experience to become a Lusk Tax Service LLC contractor?

We are accepting individuals with existing tax experience, as well as outside the income tax industry.  We believe we can train anyone to run a tax business…so don’t see your lack of experience as a hindrance. What really makes a difference is whether you have the drive and determination of success.

I’ve never prepared income taxes before do I need experience to be successful as an authorized Lusk Tax Service LLC company?

No.  Although previous tax experience helps, Lusk Tax Service LLC will teach you everything you need to know about operating a retail tax preparation office.  Tax knowledge is useful to have, but your determination and motivation are more important. Many of our contractors do little if any of the actual tax preparation.  In general it’s more important to focus on managing your tax office (marketing, advertising, customer service, etc). We can teach you the tax laws, but we can’t teach the desire to succeed.

How much money can I expect to make as an authorized Lusk Tax Service LLC business?

We can’t make any promises or predictions about profitability.  Much of your performance will depend on how you implement the system we provide.  However you should view your income tax company as a multi- year process of building a successful business, not a “one-year get-rich-quick” plan.  You need to have realistic expectations about what you can achieve in your market in a short period.

Can I operate my tax office from my home?

Yes.  Your office location is independently owned and operated by you.  The office setup should include a computer with internet access and virus protection, an all-in-one-printer (fax, copy and scanner), paper shredder, a business phone line, desk and chair.  You should also have general liability insurance to protect you against a customer being injured at your place of business.  Lusk Tax Service LLC can connect you with experts in the insurance industry who can help you with insurance.

What are some tips from successful authorized Lusk Tax Service companies?

First and foremost, our most successful contractors started the process of opening their own office EARLY!  Beginning this process as soon as possible gives you adequate time for training and marketing your business.

Two other attributes seen is successful contractors  are determination and the ability to follow directions.  No matter how good a business system we have developed, YOU must bring DETERMINATION to the table.  We need our contractors to follow our success-system because accuracy and attention to detail are such important parts of the income tax industry.

Does Lusk Tax Services offer financing for individuals to become an authorized Lusk Tax Service LLC company?

No.  We have made becoming an authorized Lusk Tax Service LLC company very affordable.  In addition to owning a preparer tax identification number (PTIN) your only investment is a annual server/cloud fee to gain access to everything we provide to start your own business from home.